Intersport POS Campaign


Intersport partnered with Fanmiles in order to create a microsite for their augmented reality campaign at POS running between September and December, where they offered the chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the Bayern Munich vs. VfL Wolfsburg game.


The goal with this campaign was to enhance their point of sales by driving awareness and engagement beyond the storefront (over 90 stores).


The campaign involved inviting fans to visit an Intersport store where they had the unique chance to experience David Alaba through augmented reality, creating with him their very own football skills video. Fans were encouraged to share their experience with friends via Facebook. Every participant was entered into the draw for the tickets and the fans who ranked highest with the amount of shares made, won signed David Alaba merch. Additionally, fans were able to earn #fanmiles for future use by checking in at the Intersport store, liking Intersport on Facebook, and making purchases from the Intersport online shop.


With the help of Fanmiles generated buzz and engagement, Intersport successfully executed their campaign and generated more traffic to their stores as they had hoped


 Conversion rate from point of creation to direct online engagement of fan-created David Alaba skills videos.


shared, on average, through social media.

How Intersport optimized with AdFan:


  • By using Fanmiles for their campaign, they activated traffic from the store into online action and into a shareable campaign.

  • By offering cool rewards every time a fan interacts with the campaign, Intersport is increasing the engagement with their customers.


  • By offering multiple ways and different channels from which to earn #fanmiles, Intersport is able to better understand their fans. They will see a user journey from one point to the next and will therefore be able to better see how their customers interact with each platform and offer. The more they know about their customer interaction, the better they can retarget them for future endeavours.

  • By emailing the video to fans, Intersport is gaining email addresses for future outreach and retargeting campaigns.


  • By offering ways to earn #fanmiles that include buying from their online shop, Intersport is able to monetize on their fan engagement within the campaign.

  • By getting fans in-store to film their video, Intersport is increasing the potential for in-house sales

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