Tipico acquires ambitious amount of new users by using  
Fanmiles as an acquisition tool.


Tipico wanted to kick of their partnership with Fanmiles by making use of the partner and fan network and creating an appealing acquisition offer through AdFan. Tipico created a campaign that offered #fanmiles in return for each registration with a minimum 10€ deposit and advertised this offer through cross promotions on Fanmiles AdFan.


Tipico wanted to acquire a large amount of new users over the longevity of the campaign in order to make use of the large fan network reach of Fanmiles.  


To successfully achieve their goal, Tipico offered 50.000 #fanmiles to each new Tipico user who deposited a minimum of 10€ to their account. To put this into monetary sense: each user who spent 10€ on registration got 50€ worth of #fanmiles to use on any reward, from any of the partners on Fanmiles. In order to advertise this great offer, Tipico made use of the Fanmiles partner network by paying for cross promotions to have their offer shown on other partner’s pages. By doing so, they made use of the reach and attention of other Fanmiles partners in the network.


  • Tipico actually surpassed their goals. The ambitious number of registrations they hoped to achieve over two months, instead happened in only 2 weeks.
  • Tipico Optimised through AdFan with Cross Promotions: Tipico gained attention for their offer by advertising it on various partner pages.