Fanmiles Account for Users

Users earn and spend #fanmiles through a single Fanmiles Account across all participating businesses and apps. Users simply connect to Fanmiles Apps through Fanmiles Connect. oAuth based technology allows access to a unique Fanmiles User ID, user transaction histories, interests and loyalty scores - even across multiple partners. Simple, seamless and secure.

Fanmiles AdFan for Marketers

With AdFan, Fanmiles has designed a simple to use yet holistic self-service loyalty campaign management platform. For the first time, marketing budgets can directly be invested in the retention of specific user cohorts by rewarding #fanmiles for intended user behaviour. Building profitable customer relationships becomes as easy as running a Google Adwords or Facebook Advert acquisition promotion. Direct, profitable and transparent.


Fanmiles Developers for Developers

We created the first open developers program for loyalty and retention developers. Fanmiles offers Second- and Third-Party Developers the ability to leverage our currency and technology, and build seamlessly engaging loyalty-solutions and programs. Open, native and scalable.