Our newest addition to the Fanmiles platform offering is now live! With our Developers Platform, developers are able to integrate the Fanmiles Loyalty SDK in order to engage and retain loyal users. The Fanmiles Loyalty SDK is a new integration that makes it easier for Developers to directly integrate Fanmiles earn features, right into their own pages, applications and platforms. By doing so, fans are able to earn in many different ways and Partners are able to reward, retarget and monetize in various ways as well.


The following are integration features of the Developers platform:

-Earn Button: The earn button can be integrated onto a website, app or newsletter and fans earn for their engagement with different activities on the platform such as reading an article, purchasing a product, etc.

-GraphQL Explorer: The GraphQL Explorer is a query language for APIs that you can use to fulfill AdFan queries with your existing data.

-Batch File Integration: Batch File Integration allows you to continuously reward users for their activity on your online and offline channels and makes it as easy as uploading a CSV file to a SFTP server.

  -AdFan Plug & Play: Plug & Play features are ready-to-use and actually do not require Developer knowledge to use. Marketers can easily integrate these features into any of their AdFan campaigns.


For more info, check out the new site here

To start using the platform, simply request access and begin integration with the first ever Loyalty SDK!