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Oranienstrasse 6: Home of the First Computer

Here at our headquarter in the heart of Kreuzberg Berlin, the first programmable computer was invented by Konrad Zuse.  Only matched by the garage in which Bill Gates created the first Version of Windows, we are proud to call such a historic tech building our home. With its' unique backyards, great tech community and amazing location in Berlin, Oranienstrasse 6 is our dream location to innovate global loyalty technology.

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The Trading Floor 

Fanmiles currently inhabits 650 square-meters of office space, split into two sections: The Trading Floor and The Loyalty Lab. At the Trading Floor, our account managers and operations teams work with our partners to leverage #fanmiles as the first universal loyalty currency to increase retention through innovative loyalty marketing. We believe in an open and inclusive work environment and therefore keep our workspace as open as possible.

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The Loyalty Lab

At Fanmiles, we work to take Loyalty Technology to the next level. To foster creative and technological innovation, our Loyalty Lab was specifically designed for the needs of product development. Key features are our demo day deck, whiteboard strip, coffee island as well as our meeting rooms Wembley, Camp Nou and Maracana. 


Fanmiles Lounge

At Fanmiles, we love to host events and parties to celebrate work & life and invite guests, partners, other companies and friends to join us. Our Fanmiles Lounge offers a great location to relax, present, dance and work in large groups. To add some spice, our full-stack DJ and Oculus-VR set ensure fun - during lunch break or simply afterwork. Join us at one of our monthly Fanmiles & Friends  Events to be part of the action.


Fanmiles Arena

Of course, as a Berlin startup, it is our obligation to have our very own, handcrafted kicker-table.  But here, we don't just play for fun. We play for hard loyalty currency. Using our customer build Fanmiles Arena IPad App, there is only one thing worth playing for: #fanmiles. Since many of our team members are passionate kicker-players, the area between the Trading Floor and Loyalty Lab can become a heated Arena for this competitive sport.