Fanmiles vs. #fanmiles

  • Fanmiles is the company, whereas #fanmiles is the loyalty currency

  • The loyalty currency is the digital means used to earn and redeem on rewards and it has the same value as money. 

Full #fanmiles price or discounted #fanmiles price

  • As #fanmiles is a currency just as valuable as money, when rewards are listed for a full #fanmiles price, they are listed at their full monetary value
  •  On the other hand, when they are listed as discounted or #fanmiles deal/sale, they are being offered at their less than monetary value.

 Fanmiles B2B Description

  • LONG: Fanmiles is the best way to run an internet loyalty business. Fanmiles handles billions of loyalty transactions every year for forward-thinking brands around the world. Fanmiles provides technology that powers the digital loyalty programs of brands, making it easier for fans to earn #fanmiles and redeem rewards by doing the things they already know and love. With the first ever Loyalty SDK, any business can create and manage loyalty campaigns to reward, retarget and monetize their customer relationships across any channel, app or platform.
  •  SHORT: Reward your loyal customers with #fanmiles, the first ever digital loyalty currency, giving them infinite ways to earn and redeem, all on one account.
  •  HEADER/CTA: Reward, retarget and monetize your loyal fans & customers with #fanmiles / Join now for free to reward your fans & customers with the first open loyalty currency

Fanmiles B2C Description

  •  LONG: Fanmiles provides technology that powers the digital loyalty programs of your favorite stars and brands, making it easier for you to earn and redeem rewards by doing the things you already know and love. Checking in to your favorite concert venue? Watching your favorite TV show? Earn the only digital loyalty currency #fanmiles, from anywhere in the world, with an infinite amount of ways to earn and redeem  from a variety of stars and brands. With our cutting-edge, easy to use, mobile app, you can earn from anywhere in the world, all on one account.  

  •  SHORT: Earn the first ever loyalty currency #fanmiles to use on rewards from all of your favorite brands and stars, all on one account.

  • HEADER/CTA: Earn #fanmiles by doing the things you love / Signup today for free and discover more ways to earn for your loyalty

Fanmiles Cross Promotions

  • Cross Promotions allows partners to advertise their earn and reward offers under relevant offers from other partners.

  • The Fanmiles cross promotions algorithm ensures that cross promotions are highly-targeted and therefore relevant in accordance to previous transactions made by that user.

Fanmiles Account

  •  Where fans login and signup in order to start collecting #fanmiles
  • Fans can also use this account to track their earn and reward transactions

Earn vs. Redeem

  •   An earn is any way that #fanmiles are collected
  •  A redeem is any way that #fanmiles are used or how rewards are received by way of using #fanmiles

Fan Activity

  • The act of fans engaging in anything within partner networks

Active account/active player/active premium membership

  •  A way of gaging a fan’s level of engagement within any of the given performance indicators

  •  Active suggests lots of use/play/activity overall

Activation Ideas

  • This phrase is used  to list suggested ideas of ways to engage fans with the use of #fanmiles


  • Touchpoints are all ways where #fanmiles earns  can be integrated within partners  networks

Checking in

  • This feature is achieved through the  the Fanmiles app

  •   Fans can earn #fanmiles with daily check ins or event/venue specific check ins through a facebook check in via their Fanmiles mobile app

  • Checking in means sharing their location on Facebook 

Earn & Reward Links

  • Fanmiles generated links give automatic earn and reward opportunities through the click of the link

  • Links can be made to automatically collect #fanmiles for a variety of reasons, such as daily earns, or to automatically redeem a reward

  • The  Predictor is a Fanmiles powered item, allowing fans to input their match result guess, with automatic generation to their account when official match results are in


  • Codes are automatically generated for vouchers or tickets and can be scanned to redeem #fanmiles and other reward offers

In-game & In-Stream Rewards

  • These are rewards that can automatically be collected via a reward link during each proposed activity: in-game or in-stream


  •  A raffle is a reward opportunity where fans use #fanmiles for entry purchase for the chance to win a special reward