The complete toolkit for scalable loyalty solutions.

Fanmiles provides powerful integrations to run your loyalty program. Weather you are looking to reward a timed on-pack promotion, or are planning a full-scale loyalty program for millions of customers. Our APIs are designed to make loyalty a simple platform integration. While we provide the technical, legal and financial framework, you can focus on what matters most: the relationship and dialogue with your customers. 

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Customer relationship comes down to 3 simple elements. Connecting and identifying the single customer. Creating personalised offers and bonuses to reward customer loyalty. Engage in a meaningful customer dialogue. We have carefully designed our products to match these requirements with your custom build loyalty program.


Developers first

We believe that the success of any loyalty program is build on a seamless user experience. Therefore we provide the necessary technology and framework so your organisation can build a superior customer experience and diaogue with your most loyal customers. For enterprise businesses with millions of customers, or local merchants: building customer relationship is the key success-factor for any business. Get your loyalty program up and running with Fanmiles in hours, not days and see direct results from rewarding and engaging your customers.


Fanmiles Graph API

When it comes to their customer relationships and loyalty, not business is alike. It is therefore essential to have the flexibility to adapt to any context, use case or system to design a seamless customer experience for your loyalty program. With the Fanmiles Graph API, we provide this flexibility to connect, reward and retain customers through personalised loyalty programs.

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